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How to setup Teamviewer on Windows

Teamviewer is a remote support application that can be very useful if you need to access computers from another location. This quick guide will show how to configure Teamviewer on your PC and access other PC’s with it.


Download and install Teamviewer.


Run the TeamViewer setup program and select how you want to use this application. For our example, we choose the ‘Basic Installation’ and select that we are using Teamviewer for ‘Personal/Non-commercial use’. Click Accept-Finish to commence the installation.



If there are no problems with the installation, you will see the Remote Control tab appear similar to the image below. Your ID and Password allow other people to connect to your computer.


You can connect to other computers by entering their ID in the Partner ID text box then select Connect to partner. Ensure that the Remote Control radio button is selected.


After you enter the Partner ID. The TeamViewer Authentication will pop up. You are required to enter your Partner’s Password and select Log On.


Now you will be able to connect to the other computer remotely and it should appear as in the picture below. You can control your partner’s computer and transfer files between each other.





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