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How to setup a Gmail account on Outlook in Windows

Accessing Gmail on the web browser isn’t bad at all, it has some great features! But if you cannot be pulled away from your tried and true Microsoft Outlook, then follow the instructions below on how to add Gmail to your Outlook in two ways.

Setup Gmail on Outlook with G-Suite

The preferable and easiest way to add Gmail on Outlook nowadays is through G-suite.

Navigate to G-Suite for Microsoft Outlook. Select the button Download G Suite Sync.

Select Download G Suite Sync

G-Suite starts downloading and it will appear in your downloads folder or in your downloads section on your relevant web browser. We are using Google Chrome for our example so we select the downloaded file in the browser window.

Run G-Suite Sync from web browser to install

You’ll see G-suite is installing onto your computer.

G-Suite is installing on your computer

A screen pops up promting you to sign in with your Google Account. Enter in your relevant Gmail email address and press Continue.

Sign in to your Google account for G-Suite Sync Setup

Your default browser will automatically open and ask you to sign into G-suite.  Press the relevant Gmail account you want to sync to Outlook.

Select your Gmail account to sign into G-Suite

On the following page, you are advised that G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook wants to access a number of Gmail account items.

G-Suite wants to access Gmail items.

Scroll down and select Allow on the bottom of the screen to continue.

Select Allow to give G-Suite permission to access your Gmail

The Sign in process is complete as authorisation has been granted.

G-Suite sign in process has been authorised

An additional icon should have appeared in your Windows taskbar and the following popup. You can import data from an existing profile (you would need to navigate to the relevant PST file) and you can also send crash reports to Google if you so wish. If you are happy with the default settings, click Create profile.

Set Up G-Suite for Microsoft Outlook. Create Profile.

We are prompted that G Suite Sync setup is complete. Select Start Microsoft Outlook.

G-Suite Sync setup is complete

Outlook opens and we can see that our Contacts, Calendar and Mail are steadily synchronising to Outlook. Depending on the size of the mailbox you are syncing to Outlook, it may take awhile for all emails to download.

Synchronization status in Outlook

Setup Gmail on Outlook via Imap configuration

If G-Suite sync option doesn’t work for you for whatever reason sometimes it could be compatibility issues or it just is being a right pain in the butt then don’t despair as we have an alternate version (a little more fiddly) that will have your Gmail syncing to Outlook in no time.

First of all, for some reason, Google believes Outlook is an insecure app! So let’s fix this first. Navigate to your Gmail account, click on your profile and select My Account.

Click on Gmail profile and select My Account

On the My Account page, select Sign-in & security.

Select Sign-in & Security

On the Sign-in & security page, scroll all the way to the bottom and ensure that the Allow less secure apps button is On.

Allow less secure apps button is enabled

Back in your Gmail account, select the gear icon and choose Settings.

Select Settings in Gmail account

Select the tab Forwarding and POP/IMAP.

In Gmail account select Forwarding and POP/IMAP

Under the heading IMAP Access select Enable IMAP.

Gmail configuration for IMAP access. Select Enable IMAP.

Click Save Changes.

Enable IMAP select Save Changes in Gmail

Now you have finished configuring Gmail for Outlook. Open up Outlook.

Gmail configuring for Outlook. Open up Outlook.

Create a New Profile and press OK.

In Outlook, select Create a New Profile

On the Welcome to Outlook dialog box, enter in your email address and select Advanced Options.

Welcome to Outlook select Advanced Options

Tick the check box Let me set up my account manually and press Connect.

On the Choose account type page, select Google.

Choose account type for Outlook

On the IMAP Account Settings page, ensure the settings are as below and click Next.

IMAP Account Settings in Outlook

Enter in your Gmail password and press Connect.

Gmail password for Outlook and press Connect

You’ll be advised ‘We’re getting things ready’ this should only take a few minutes.

Outlook is getting things ready

You are advised that Account setup is complete select OK. If you prefer to not have Outlook Mobile setup on your phone, uncheck this option.

Account setup is complete for Outlook

Outlook is now loading our profile.

Outlook Loading Profile

All done!

In Outlook, G-mail is syncing

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