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How to remove the Ask toolbar from Google Chrome

You have been extremely careful about downloading add-ons and other unnecessary software to your computer, however, you have accidentally fallen into the trap and downloaded the dreaded Ask toolbar to your Google Chrome. The most likely reason that users unintentionally download and install the Ask Toolbar is due to when they are updating or installing Java.


Java is not considered an entirely reliable piece of software nowadays as it is riddled with security issues that allow malware to claw its way onto your computer. Even after removing or disabling the Java plugin in your browser (highly recommended), you are unfortunately still stuck with the Ask Toolbar!

Ask Toolbar can also find its way onto your Windows computer by other means, including bundled together with other software (often free, downloaded software), or even device drivers (such as graphics card drivers and audio drivers). The best way to prevent Ask Toolbar from installing itself is to carefully check each step of the installation process for ALL software you may install be it downloaded or on disc. Look for a little checkbox similar to the image above, and UNCHECK!

Even the most careful user can sometimes miss this sneaky add-on, so let us now thoroughly explain, step by step, how to remove the infuriating Ask Toolbar from your system.

When you first download the Ask Toolbar, it will not come up in the list of Programs and Features. However, it will clearly show up as a process in Task Manager. Ask Toolbar will only be properly installed once you have restarted your computer, at which point it will appear in the Programs and Features list.

After you have restarted your computer and open your Google Chrome browser, Ask Toolbar will now appear in the search function up top.

Usually when it comes to disabling or uninstalling plugins in Google Chrome, navigating to the Settings – Extensions section and clicking the trash bin should be enough. If you attempt to do so with Ask Toolbar however, an error comes up that states the program is in use and cannot be shutdown. This is because Ask Toolbar is more than a simple browser extension; Windows also treats it like a fully fledged piece of software which has been installed onto your system.

There is no need to be discouraged by this setback, all you have to do is navigate to Start-Control Panel – Programs and Features and find the Ask Toolbar in the list.

Select Uninstall and the Ask Toolbar will be promptly removed from the operating system.

Relaunch Google Chrome and you will find that the Ask Toolbar is no longer present. Success!!

If you happen to use another browser such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, the same procedure applies.

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