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How to quickly unsubscribe from Linkedin emails

Inundated by Linkedin emails around the clock? Sick of it? Yep, so are we. Instead of unsubscribing from each email category one by one by one by one (ok over it)…there is a very quick fix. We will show you how to stop your email account being flooded with boring Linkedin emails through the use of javascript.

Drag this link to your bookmark bar.


If you are unable to drag and drop in your browser, simply create a new bookmark (name it whatever you want) and paste in the following javascript in location/url section:


The bookmark should look similar to below (taken in Google Chrome).


Navigate to your Email Frequency settings page on Linkedin. For our particular profile, you can see that we would receive individual emails for all types of communication.  Click on the Bookmarklet you just added.


All settings have now been amended to ‘No Email’ in only a few seconds. Excellent!


TheNextWeb are responsible for developing this javascript and making our lives less complicated. Kudos!


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