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How to quickly mark all unread emails as ‘read’ in Gmail

Sick of seeing the massive ‘unread’ email counter in Gmail? Wondering how to make it that all of your emails are read at once? Then follow these simple steps!

First, you need to temporarily disable Gmail categories.

Select the Gear icon and click Settings from the drop down list.


Navigate to the Inbox tab.


Untick all the categories listed (except primary which is faded out). Select Save Changes.

When you are back to the main Gmail screen. Select the checkbox on the top left hand side. All emails will become highlighted.


Click on the action ‘Select all X number of conversations in Inbox’ (as example below shows).


All inbox messages are now selected.


Select More and choose Mark as Read from the drop down list.


Voila! All emails are now shown as ‘read’ in your Inbox. Easy peasy!


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