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How to hide a Windows Drive

Tech users would know that when adding a fixed drive or removable drive to a computer, it is automatically assigned a drive letter. However, if you prefer, you can hide the Drive in Windows from other users (including yourself).


Navigate to Control Panel – System and Security (Category view) – Administrative Tools – Computer Management


Computer Management opens. Double click on Disk Management which is located under Storage.


The Disk Management console displays. Navigate to the drive you want to hide, right click on it and select Change Drive Letter and Paths from the drop down menu.


The Change Drive Letter and Paths dialog box appears. Click the Remove button to effectively delete the drive letter.


A warning box prompts you stating that some programs that rely on the particular drive letter may not operate correctly. Select Yes to continue.


The drive is now obscured from view by you and all other users.


You can further verify this by navigating to My Computer and reviewing available drives.


If you want to unhide the Drive: Navigate back to Disk Management, right click on the Hidden Drive and select Change Drive Letter and Paths from the drop down menu. Click Add… from the Change Drive Letter and Paths dialog box.


Another dialog box, Add Drive Letter or Path displays where you can assign the drive a letter or mount it in an empty NTFS Folder. In this case, we choose to leave the default settings of assigning the drive the letter E. Click OK to continue.


The selected Drive has been assigned a drive letter and is now available to all users.



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