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How to get the View Image feature back in Google Image search

In the last few days, Google has performed a very annoying configuration change to how users view images in their image-based search component by removing the ‘View Image’ and ‘Search by Image’ buttons! We are, to put it lightly, a bit miffed by the whole adjustment here but Google claim the reason behind this is that they could only include Getty images in their stock images if they removed these particular features. Getty Images didn’t decide to request this on a mere whim, it is in a bid to reduce copyright infringement. While we understand their reasoning, it is still quite infuriating and unfair when a heavily relied upon feature goes the way of the dinosaur. Makes us think of Jurassic Park… gosh that movie was awesome!

Anyway…now you wonder what they have put instead of removing the View Image feature? Well now we have to opt for the Visit button which will take a user directly to the website where the image is hosted. Great…There isn’t even an alternative for the ‘Search by Image’ feature. Oh no! Have a look at what we mean below.

Example of image in Google image search without visit image or search by image option

Is there any way to get these two features back? If you have Google Chrome, then a chrome extension has come to the rescue  called ‘View Image’ by developer Joshua Butt. We show you how it works below.

Navigate yourself to the Chrome Web Store page.

Home page of Chrome Web Store on web borwser

Search for the application – View Image – and when you are viewing the app details, click Add to Chrome.

Download View Image by Joshua Butt from Chrome Web Store. Click on Add to Chrome.

You are prompted if you want to add View Image to your Google Chrome extensions. Click Add extension.

Confirm that you want to add the View Image app in Google Chrome by clicking Add Extension

The extension is now installed onto your Google Chrome web browser. Now we check out the same image again and wow, the ‘View Image’ and ‘Search by Image’ features have returned to us. We first test out the ‘View Image’ button.

View Image extension installed on Google Chrome. Test image search shows View Image and Search by Image feature has returned

Seems great to us!

View Image test works in Google Chrome

We then test out the Search by image feature.

Test Search by Image feature because of View Image extension in Google Chrome

This works as well! Fantastic.

Search by Image feature works in Google Chrome

We are hopeful that Google does relent from overwhelming consumer backlash and reintroduces those features – View Image and Search by Image – but we are happy with the Chrome extension as an alterantive for now. Unfortunately no similar app/extension has yet been developed for the other web browsers (i.e. Firefox Mozilla, Safari, Edge) at this stage. Hopefully this may change in the near future!

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