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How to get rid of the password prompt every time you open Outlook

If you are a person who opens Outlook every day for work or personal use and are constantly met with the infernal ‘Windows Security’ message where you have to enter in your credentials which makes you vent away in frustration, then this article is for you! What could have caused this mishap to occur? Well it could be related to your password for your domain user account changing… or perhaps it just suddenly decided to pop up randomly on its own causing unnecessary delay to accessing your emails! How annoying! Whatever the case, follow this step by step guide to prevent this from recurring.

Windows Security Outlook Credentials Prompt

Is the ‘remember my credentials’ checkbox ticked?

First of all, if you haven’t already (of course you have but JUST in case), you must make sure to tick the Remember my credentials checkbox the next time you enter in your password details as shown in the example below.

Outlook Windows Security pop up with remember my credentials ticked

Clear the Windows Credential Manager

If the first option didn’t work, then perhaps your new password didn’t overwrite the already stored credentials even though it is instructed to do so! Of all the nerve!

Navigate to the Start menu.

Navigate to Start Menu in Windows

If the Control Panel doesn’t immediately list, type in ‘Control Panel’ into the search text field and select Control Panel.

Select Control Panel from Start Menu

In the Control Panel dialog box, select the View by: drop down menu and select Category (if it isn’t already on this setting).

View by Category - All Control Panel items

Select User Accounts.

[Control Panel - Select User Accounts

Select Credential Manager.

User Accounts Select Credential Manager

Locate the set of credentials that has Outlook in the name. It likely will be under the heading Generic Credentials. Now… if you get presented with something similar to the below, you only have to delete the first Outlook mentioned i.e. MicrosoftOffice16 and subsequently outlook.office365.com. You should not need to delete the remainder of the list.

Generic Credentials - Delete Outlook credentials

To get rid of the credential, click the credential to expand it, and then click Remove from Vault.

Choose Remove from Vault for Outlook credential

We go on to delete the outlook.office365.com credential and then we are done!

The next time you open Outlook, you should not be prompted to reenter your email credentials and be able to connect to the server with no issue. The bottom of Outlook should come up with something similar below.

Outlook connected to Microsoft Exchange

However, not every guide is fool proof so if the above does not resolve the issue (and you have a work account), then your administrator may have configured the Microsoft Office Group policy to not save Basic Authentication credentials. Unfortunately there is nothing further you can do apart from hassling your IT department about changing the policy! Good luck!

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