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How to find which Google Chrome tab is sapping your computer’s memory

You feel like your computer is running slowly and so you decide to check Window’s Task Manager and see if you can kill off some unnecessary processes. You find that there are lots of processes associated with the web browser Google Chrome. You do have a number of Chrome tabs open…. but how to differentiate which ones you should close? You certainly do not want to have to shut down all of them!


Actually, Google Chrome has its own Task Manager! Didn’t know that right? Well it does. And it is easily accessible by pressing the keys Shift+Esc or right clicking the title bar and selecting Task Manager.


Google Chrome’s Task Manager opens. The Google Chrome tab’s are listed under the tab Task.


To ‘kill’ a tab using Chrome’s Task Manager, simply highlight the relevant Tab and select End Process.


Voila! Your computer should be back to its fast paced self once again.


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