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How to Disable Startup Programs in Windows

If you find it takes a seriously long time for Windows to load up then it may be associated with how many programs you have configured to auto startup! If you have been using your computer for awhile you probably have a long list of applications that are enabled for startup so we will show you today how to disable them.

How to Disable Startup Programs in Windows 8/8.1/10

Later versions of Windows have made it incredibly simple to configure startup programs.

1. Right click on the Windows taskbar and select Task Manager from the drop down list.

Windows desktop, right click taskbar and select Task Manager from drop down list

2. In Task Manager, navigate to the Startup tab.

Task Manager dialog box, select Startup tab

3. The list of Startup programs are shown. You may notice that the Disable button is greyed out.

In Startup tab in Task Manager dialog box

4. To configure an application, click it and select Disable.

Example of selecting a program in Startup tab of Task Manager and selecting the Disable button

5. Now the relevant application has been disabled in the startup tab.

Application now has disabled status in Startup tab of Task Manager

How to Disable Startup Programs in Windows XP/Vista/7

1. In earlier Windows products, MsConfig was the tried and true tool for all your startup application configuring needs. To access it, open the Start menu. Please note that for our example, we use Windows 7.

Windows 7 navigate to Start menu

2. Enter in msconfig in the search field and click on the program to open it.

Type in msconfig in search bar and select it in Windows 7 Start menu

3. In the System Configuration dialog box, navigate to the Startup tab.

System Configuration dialog box in General tab. Select Startup tab.

4. The list of programs that commence on startup of Windows appear with a check box next to each of them.

List of programs that in Startup are listed in System Configuration dialog box

5. For the applications you no longer want to run on startup, easily untick the relevant checkbox. Click Apply to save your changes.

Untick applications you don't want to startup automatically when booting into Windows. Select Apply.

6. Select OK when you are done.

Select OK when configuration of Startup programs is complete in System Configuration

7. A dialog box pops up advising you that you have to restart your computer for changes to take affect. If you are ready to restart the computer straight away, select Restart. Alternatively, you can simply wait until you are done with your computer for that session and turn it off/restart it at a later time.

System Configuration pop up box advising user to restart computer to apply these changes

We hope that this guide assisted you with configuring your Startup Programs in Windows. Although, we recommend not to disable anti-virus and firewall software as these are vital to protect your computer!

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