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How to disable an Outlook 2013 add-in

We have all come across the problem where an add-in on Outlook is not making it function correctly! So… what do we do? Well if you are able to open Outlook (score!) then you simply have to disable the add-in. But but…. what if the add-in is preventing Outlook from opening all together? That is an epic fail, right? Well… you simply can open Outlook in Safe Mode. Let’s show you how to perform these steps!

How to open Outlook in Safe Mode

Navigate to the Start Menu and type in Run (as shown below). For Windows 8 users, press on the Windows + R keys to open the run dialog box.


In the Run dialog box, enter ‘outlook.exe /safe’. Press OK.


Outlook now opens in Safe Mode.


How to disable an Outlook add-in

These steps can be be performed if you opened Outlook normally or when Outlook is in Safe Mode.

In Outlook, navigate to File.


Select Options.


In the Options dialog box, navigate to Add-Ins.


In the Add-ins section, select GO to manage the COM Add-Ins.


Select the Add-in that you want to delete. Select Remove.


When you have finished removing Add-Ins. Press OK.









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