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How to delete a WhatsApp message you wrongly sent

All hell has broken loose! You’ve gone and sent a message on WhatsApp to the wrong person! We aren’t talking about a simple little ‘haha whoopsie’ *blush* wrong message’, more of the utter humiliation/embarrassment/anxiety ‘how will I act around this person again’ feelings. Perhaps it was a sexy text to your significant other but it was delivered to your boss? Possibly very personal details about your horrible bowel habits to your loving mother but it was sent to the group chat? Or even your credit card details transferred to some complete random… Gah! What to do? What to do?

Apart from falling to pieces like Luke Skywalker, there is a way you can combat this but you must be quick! You need to make sure you have done this within seven minutes of sending said message (and you have internet access), otherwise the recipient(s) will retain the delightful message you have bestowed upon them. Ah wonderful! We have set up instructions below for iPhone, Android Phones (i.e. Samsung, Windows, Oppo) and the WhatsApp Web Browser.

How to remove WhatsApp message on an iPhone

Long press on the relevant message(s) you want to delete.

This will highlight them and a pop up appears. Select Delete.

Click on the rubbish bin icon that appears on the bottom.

If it is less than 7 minutes since sending the message, then the popup will include the  ‘Delete for Everyone’ option. Tap it.

A popup message will advise that your messages are deleted for every one on the latest version of WhatsApp.

The message is deleted for you and everyone else who received it.

If it is after 7 minutes, then the only two options are ‘Delete for Me’ or ‘Cancel’.

How to delete WhatsApp messages from an Android Phone

On the message you need to delete quickly, press your finger on it until it highlights.

Press on the rubbish bin icon.

The pop up message ‘Delete Message?’ will display as below. If you want no one else to view your message, click ‘Delete for Everyone’.

A popup message appears stating that the message will be deleted for everyone on the latest version of WhatsApp.

The message has now been deleted and would show up as below on yours and your friends chat.

If you decide to remove a message after the seven minutes limit, then you will see the following pop up instead unfortunately.

How to eradicate WhatsApp Messages from the WhatsApp Web App

Now let’s finally show how to delete a message in the WhatsApp Web Browser. Oh no you’ve shared your bank credentials! whoopsie!

Hover your cusor over the message and an arrow will appear. Select it. A drop down menu appears, select Delete Message.

The pop up message should look like this if it is less than 7 minutes old. Click Delete for Everyone.

A pop up appears advising that the message has been deleted for everyone on the latest version of WhatsApp. Press OK.

The message(s) have been deleted.

If you are more than 7 minutes old message, then you’ll only have the ‘Delete for Me’ option.

Humiliation avoided for another day…you can now breath a sign of relief!

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