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How to create an email signature in Outlook 2013

Confused on how to create your signature in Outlook 2013? Then follow these simple steps below!


Select FILE on the tab menu bar.


Select Options.


Now you will see the Outlook Options as shown below.


Select Mail and then Signatures to open the dialog box where you can configure your signatures.


Select New to create your new message signature and then type a name for it. Click OK to continue.


Now you can create your new email signature in the Edit signature box. Select OK when you have finalised your signature.


You can repeat the same steps for Replies/forwards email by selecting New and creating your reply signature.

After both types of signatures have been created, you can apply them to any future correspondence.  Under the ‘Choose Default Signature’ section – for the New Message option,  select ‘new email’  and for the Replies/Forward option, select ‘reply’ (as shown below). Click OK to save changes.


After all the above steps are completed, you will now have your signature automatically appear when composing a new email and when responding to emails.



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