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How to create a Virtual Machine on VMware ESXI

 To create a virtual machine click file -> New -> Virtual Machine or simply press Ctrl+N. On the Create Virtual Machine dialog box, select Custom and press Next.


Type a name in the textbox and click Next.


Select a Datastore to save the VM file on and click Next.


Select the VM version that is suitable for you.


Note: selecting the latest version is recommended if you are not going to migrate to an older version of ESX/ESXi.

In the next window, select the operating system that you are going to install on your VM. Click Next.


Select the number of Virtual sockets and number of cores that you are going to assign to the VM and click Next. Pay attention to the number of virtual sockets that your guest OS supports.


Specify the amount of RAM that you need on the VM and click Next.


Select the type of Virtual Network Interface card for your VM. Make sure that Connect at Power On is selected and click Next


Note: VMXNET 3 has better performance but it may not be compatible with some software.

For the SCSI controller, select LSI Logic SAS and click Next.


On Select a Disk page, click Create a new virtual disk and select Next.


Specify the amount of disk space for the Virtual Disk and select Thick Provision Eager Zeroed (this option provides better performance). Click Next.


On the Advanced Options page, you can leave the default settings as is and click Next.


Click Finish to end the wizard and wait until the VM has been created. Now you can start installing the OS on your new VM.

To install the OS on the machine, right click the VM and click “Edit settings”. Select “CD/DVD drive 1”, and on the right pane you can select whether you are going to use your host CD Drive or attach an ISO file from Datastore. Make sure that Connect at power on has been selected and click OK to close the window.



To boot the machine into BIOS settings navigate to the Virtual Machine Properties dialog box. Click on the Options tab and then select “Boot Options” and enable “Force BIOS Setup”.


Start the machine. You will automatically open into the BIOS.


To start installing the OS right click on the VM and click “Open Console”. Select “Power On” button to start the machine and follow the OS installation wizard to install the OS on your VM.



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