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How to convert your PNG images to JPG format

There may be times you need to convert your super sleek and top quality PNG images to JPG format! Whether it be for submitting a job application that only accepts jpg formatted images (what really?) or you want an article to load faster for a website with JPG images… regardless the reason, we are here to guide you to easily convert your images from PNG to JPG in no time with no need to download a third party application! Many websites perform this job for free on the internet… How nice is that?

For our example, we choose the very reliable site (with no spammy annoyances to think of) PNG2JPG.

Click on Upload Files

Select the images you want to convert from PNG to JPG. Click OK.

The converting process is steadily taking place. This shouldn’t take longer than a minute or so! Super fast!

And presto! Your files have converted over to JPG. You can click to download one at a time or select Download All which downloads them into a zip file where you can extract on your computer.

In our example, we used Google Chrome so it appears in our Downloads folder as the zip file below.

The files are now available to use what you like with them on your computer!

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