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How to configure Windows to alert you when Caps Lock is on

Ever been focused on the keyboard while typing and not actually looking up to see the words you are typing on the screen until you realise that you have been writing in Caps all this time? You switch off Caps Lock and then tediously retype the phrase again. How infuriating!


Well there is a way for Windows to notify you if you have managed to switch Caps Lock on. Only catch is that you need to have sound enabled. Follow these simple steps below:

Navigate to Control Panel from the Start menu (Windows 7) or through start screen (Windows 8). The image shown is from Windows 7.


Select ‘Ease of Access’ Centre


Select ‘Make the keyboard easier to use’.


Ensure that the checkbox ‘Turn on Toggle Keys’ is ticked. Click OK to save changes.


Next time you press the Caps Lock key, you’ll hear a small beep coming from your computer.


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