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How to configure password policy for a domain on Windows Server

It may be required to amend the password policy for your domain to match the business requirements of your organization. This can be performed through configuring the Default Domain Policy for the relevant domain.

Prequisite: Only users that are Domain Admins or Enterprise Admins, or equivalent, are able to configure password policy on a Domain.


Navigate to StartAdministrative Tools Group Policy Management.


To edit the default computer and user configuration settings for the relevant domain, right click Default Domain Policy and select Edit from the drop down list.


The Group Policy Management Editor displays. Navigate to Computer Configuration\Policies \Windows Settings \Security Settings \Account Policies \Password Policy. There are six password policy settings that can be configured.


For example, if the business requirements of your organization stipulate that the maximum password age is 30 days, then the default Maximum password age must be changed. To do this, double click on Maximum Password Age policy setting. Alternatively, you can right click Maximum Password Age policy setting and select Properties.


The Maximum Password Age Properties dialog box appears. Type ’30’ into  the text box and click OK.


The new setting has been successfully applied.


Another example could be that the Minimum Password Length must be 9 characters. Right click Minimum Password Length setting and select Properties. In the Minimum Password Length Properties dialog box, enter 9 in the text box and click OK.


Note: The password length must be between 1-14 characters. It cannot be 0.

The Minimum Password Length has now been updated.


You can also configure the other password policy settings listed as required.

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