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How to configure a To Do list in Gmail

Hopeless at keeping track of everything you have to do? Well Gmail can be mighty helpful as there is an actually a ‘Tasks’ option that allows you to enter in your actions you have to complete. Let’s check it out!

In Gmail, select the icon and click Tasks.



Similar to when you compose a new message, the Tasks bar will open on the bottom right hand side.

Let’s add our first item to the Task list! Ok… so we need to pay our credit card this week. That is important! We enter in our note. Simple!


We can continue adding more tasks by clicking on the plus icon every time.


Ah now we have a full Task list there!


What about if we need the task to be completed by a certain time and date? Select the arrow icon on the right of the Task.


There are further options here we can assign to the Task. Let’s put a date and add some notes. When complete, select ‘Back to list’.


The due date and notes are now presented in faded grey underneath that task.


When the Task is fulfilled, simply click the check box next to it. The task will be lined through. Perfect!




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