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How To Clean Up Your Hard Drive

Review of: Wiztree
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Antibody Software

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On June 20, 2014
Last modified:June 20, 2014


Wiztree assists with locating and removing unnecessary files from your hard drive quickly and easily. Perfect for any level of computer user.

Have you ever clicked on your my computer and noticed that your Hard drive is almost full or have received that wonderful message from Windows that is warning you that your hard drive is almost at full capacity?

Well recently this has happened to me so I decided to look around to see what files I could remove from my operating system. I checked my documents, my music and other personal files and deleted a couple of items but it hardly made a dent in my hard drive space! Therefore, I decided to use a handy tool called called Wiztree.

Wiztree is an excellent utility that is able to scan your hard drive and locate particular files that are using a lot of disk space. The program provides you with an easy to decode graphical user interface that allows you to not only browse your directories and look at what files are inside but also enables you to delete there and then. So what are we waiting for? Let’s check out Wiztree!









After installing Wiztree, we open the program and are presented with a spectacularly friendly interface. No convoluted material choking up our screens! Ah bliss! Simply press ‘Scan’ to check out the contents of your hard drive in more detail.


The scan only takes 30 seconds (quick isn’t it?) and we are presented with a clear map of what directories and files are using up space on the hard drive.


If you navigate to the ‘Top 1000 Largest Files’ tab, you can check out the specific files that are taking up the most of your hard drive’s precious capacity. No surprises for us that it seems to be Outlook .pst and .ost files that are the main culprits.


Since I no longer require a specific .pst file on my hard drive, I just simply right click it and press ‘delete’ from the drop down menu. Just like you would in Windows Explorer.


Voila! Now I’ve got more free space! That was easy as pie wasn’t it? Mmm now I’m thinking of pie. Shepherd’s pie would be good as a reward right about now!

Its not often we find a practical little piece of software that does what it promises without any complications or strings attached. This is one of those programs that fulfils that promise. Best all of the utility is free, however donations are accepted for those who wish to donate to the developers. We are all about having the user-friendly and helpful tools for IT Professionals or IT Users and this is definitely one of those tools!


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