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How to change the Autosave feature settings in Microsoft Office

So for the last few hours you have been enthusiastically typing away your fresh ideas onto a word document. You are on top of the world and nothing can stop you! Your boss would be so pleased and heck… you might even get that promotion after all! Then..the unthinkable happens. Your computer suddenly crashes or the power unexpectedly goes out. You yell out in frustration as you realise that you haven’t been saving your work and it must have all vanished. Fail! You anxiously reboot your computer (noting that your hard drive is working fine but seriously contemplating getting a new one that is more reliable obviously) and access the relevant document you were working on. Lo and behold most of your work has been saved with only the last 10 minutes missing. How did this come about? Well… Microsoft Office has the feature, ‘auto-save interval’ in Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Publisher as an excellent measure to prevent user’s from losing their data. The ‘auto-save interval’  is meant to save a user’s document every 10 minutes (default setting). What about if you wanted to amend these settings and make the document save every 5 minutes or less, like 1 minute? This can be performed by following these simple steps.

In Word, navigate to the File tab and select Options.


In the Word Options dialog box, select Save.


In the Saved Documents section, ensure that both checkboxes are ticked. You can amend the interval for the auto save recover feature. The default time is 10 minutes.


For our example, we amend it to 5 minutes. To save the new settings, click OK.


From now on, the auto save feature will perform its function every 5 minutes (instead of 10 minutes). Simple!


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