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How to Auto Set Daily Bing Background As Your Desktop Wallpaper in Windows

It is sometimes pleasant to use a different search option to the search giant – Google, especially when the alternate option, Bing, comes with a tantilizing and invigorating desktop wallpaper that Microsoft updates daily. Users often save these magnificent images and set them as their own desktop backgrounds for their own enjoyment. There have been a number of free programs available that automatically download bing’s wallpaper and set them as desktop backgrounds daily, however, this is no longer required with the release of Microsoft’s freeware Bing Desktop. Bing Desktop essentially has the same function as the third party applications, with the added feature of a bing tool bar on a user’s desktop for direct access without requiring opening up of Bing’s webpage.

In order to acquire this program, download Bing Desktop. When you click the link you are transported to the Bing Desktop download section of the Microsoft website. You can change the language to suit your preference and ‘click download’.


The program will automatically download in your browser. Once finished, click the .exe file to commence the installation process. Sometimes a User Account Control security warning will appear asking if you permit for this file to run on your computer. Click ‘Yes’ to continue.


A dialog box appears confirming that installation of Bing Desktop is complete. You are also provided with a variety of options, such as, making Bing homepage image your desktop wallpaper or set Bing as your default search provider. For users who are just after the daily updated desktop wallpaper, be sure to only leave the first setting ticked and untick all other options (as shown below). Click ‘Finish’.


That’s it! Within a few seconds you will see your desktop wallpaper transform into Bing’s homepage image. This also includes Bing’s searchbox.


For user’s who are not content having the search box smack bang in the middle of their screen or just don’t have a particular use for it at the time, it is able to be minimized or auto-hidden by using the context menu. You can also hide the search bar through using the shortcut Win + Y or simply dragging it to the top of the screen.

You can type in keywords to search directly into the Bing toolbar. If you click the magnifying glass, your default internet browser will launch into Bing’s search results. Settings of the Bing search box can be amended through clicking on the cog wheel icon located at the end of the search box. To access hot topics on Bing such as news articles or popular images/videos, click on the newspaper icon.


If you want to uninstall the program, simply access ‘Programs and Features’ from the Control Panel and click the ‘Uninstall’ button.


Bing Desktop is supported by all Windows editions (XP, 7, 8/8.1, 10 and Windows Server). Microsoft does specify that using Internet Explorer 6 or up would provide a better user experience, but we find that any other browser handled the application perfectly fine. Furthermore, this freeware program doesn’t come inundated with spam and ads that can cause much frustration and annoyance to the average user. It has a simple, easy to use interface and provides the user with daily updated glamarous pictures on their desktop… what more can you ask?

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