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How to attach an application to the Windows taskbar

Whenever you log into Windows, you may notice that some of your applications appear ‘stuck’ in the Windows Taskbar like in the example below.

Example of Windows 10 Taskbar

If there is an application you use fairly regularly but not attached in your Taskbar, you can configure this method in a few easy steps. For our example, we want to fix Spotify to our Taskbar.

How to stick an application to the Windows Taskbar

Navigate to the Start menu and locate Spotify in the menu. Right click the application.

Right click application in Start Menu you want to stick to Windows taskbar

Alternatively, you can find the application using the search feature next to the Start menu. As we mentioned before, right click the program.

Locate application via search in Windows Start menu. Right Click it.

In the drop down menu, select More.

In drop down menu of an application in Windows Start Menu, click More

Select the Pin to Taskbaroption.

Select the Pin to Taskbar option

The application is now attached to our Taskbar.

Example of new application attached to Windows taskbar

How to unattach an application from the Windows Taskbar

If you prefer to unfix a program from the Taskbar, you simply hover your cursor over the app and right click it.

Right click application pinned to Windows task bar

Select Unpin from Taskbarfrom the drop down menu.

Select Unpin from taskbar

The application has now been removed from the Taskbar.

Application removed from Windows taskbar

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