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How to access emails from your Gmail account offline

Want to be able to view your mail from Gmail on your computer even though you are not connected to the internet? You can do so with a trusty Google Chrome extension called Gmail Offline. We explain how to set up this marvelous app below:

Navigate to the Google app store, download and install Gmail Offline.


When installed, Google Chrome will open up to its apps page displaying the newly installed Gmail Offline app. Select the app which will take you to Gmail. You will be prompted to sign in if you haven’t already.


Select the radio button – Allow Offline Mail and click Continue. 


Gmail Offline is now syncing your mail.


We can configure Gmail Offline app a bit more. Click the gear box on the top right hand side.


In the Settings area, you can adjust the time periods you want emails to be synched offline on Google Chrome – 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month. You can also configure an ‘out of office’ email response when people email you directly. Cool! When you are fine with the configurations click Apply.


You are also able to compose an email on Gmail Offline app! Simply select the pencil icon.


Write out your email. It will be sent as soon as you reconnect to the internet again.



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