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Hide Files and Folders from prying eyes on your Android device

If you ever feel a sudden rush of unease when you have accidentally left your android device out or you let your friend play around on it… then you are not alone. All of us have some personal files or folders on our phone/tablet etc that we do not want other people to see. We are human after all. Maybe you have a hideous picture of that weird lump you have growing on your foot that you needed to send your doctor or you are secretly a fan of justin biebar underneath the hating. Regardless of what you have to hide… this article can show you how to keep these files secret from everyone else. It involves using the application File Hide Pro. When you install this innovative application, don’t fret that you can’t find it in your apps list. It is actually disguised as ‘Tip Calculator’ to give you even more protection. Perfect! Now let’s run through how to configure this nifty app on your Android device. For our example, we used a Google Nexus 4.

Download and install File Hide Pro.


Select Tip Calcuator in your applications list.


Press down on the title of ‘Tip Calculator’.


Voila! You are now in ‘File Hide Pro’. Let’s add files and folders to hide. Select the folder icon on the top right corner.


You are shown a list of folders on your sd card. We decide to add our camera pics folder.


It will now appear in the list. The folder is not yet hidden though. Select ‘Hide all’.


An orange tick will appear next to the relative folder showing that it is now hidden. If you want to unhide the folder, press ‘Unhide All’.


If you want setup a password to access this application, perform the following additional steps:

Select the menu button and tap ‘Settings’.


Select ‘Enable Password’. Tap Change Password. This allows you to put in a password.


Enter in a password of your choice. We plug in a 4 digit code ‘5689’. Select Done


Exit out of the application. Next time you try to access it, you will be prompted to enter in your password.


After this is all set up you can now breath easier knowing that your files and folders are kept safe and secret from everyone!





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