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Head off from work for Happy Hour easily with this handy virus

Stuck late at work with your boss leering over your shoulder? Friends constantly texting you to hurry up and come for happy hour at the local pub? The Happy Hour Virus is for you! Before you freak out about the name, we can assure you that Happy Hour Virus is not a virus! The program simply masquerades as a virus because it pretends that your computer is suffering a meltdown. Once activated, you can remark to your boss that your computer is fried and so… what can you do? Skip off for happy hour with your friends of course!

You do not have to be a computer expert as the program is fairly easy to use. You just have to navigate to the Happy Hour Virus page and select the way you want your computer to crash. For PC users, it could be a broken monitor or blue screen of death. Do not select ‘kernel panic’ as this only applies to mac products!


Broken Monitor


Blue Screen of Death

For Macs, you can select kernel panic or a broken monitor! Do not select ‘Blue Screen of Death’ as this happens on Windows PCs alone.


Kernel Panic

The only tricky part about this program? You need to quickly set it up before your boss sees what you are up to! 

What about for people who have had their bit of fun and want to get back to work? Yes… shocking, we know! Reboot the computer (or if no one is looking… press the Esc key) and everything should run smoothly again. Your boss will be none the wiser.

Although we leave you with one warning…. ensure you are chummy with the IT team at your office because if they figure out what you did they may report you! Maybe get them in on the action and buy them a round of drinks? Cheers to that!



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