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Google secrets

Lets face it, Google is here to stay and it is no surprise as there are approximately 5,922,000,000 search results performed per day on the site. If you are anything like me, than you probably use Google all the time! Whether it is to find out how to make the best apple pie or how to get your cat to love you. You may even think you know everything there is to know about Google, however, you may find that there are entertaining easter eggs hiding within the colourful search engine.

Here are some of the hidden secrets we have found.

1: Do a barrel roll

Typing in the phrase “do a barrell roll” in google’s search engine will end up with your web page rotating 360 degrees. Head spin!







2: Tilt

Typing in “tilt” will tilt the google page slightly.







3: Atari Breakout

Go to google image search and type in atari breakout. You can start playing the game! How fun!







4: Zerg rush

Typing in Zerg Rush will cause a bunch of google o’s to attack the search results. However do not be dismayed! You can fend off these attackers by merely clicking on them.







5: Youtube Harlem Shake

Ok ok not exactly in Google search but still relevant…when you search “do the harlem shake”, your tubue will start actually moving to the harlem shake.

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