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Google Analytics –

Google Analytics is one of the most important and under-utilised tools for growing businesses. It is not simply a platform for monitoring traffic but helps you analyse what you are doing right and what you can improve on.

As the world is increasingly obsessed with technology in today’s connected world, the internet has become a way of life. For many marketers, the ability to measure the results of marketing tactics and initiatives has become the cornerstone of business success.

As a result of our growing dependence on the online world, businesses everywhere are ensuring that they have active, engaging and user-friendly websites. It is crucial to ensure your website is delivering results.

To ensure that your site is achieving the results you want in line with the goals you have set, you need to keep a close eye on your statistics in Google Analytics depending on what you change on your website. Google Analytics is the market leader in web analytics arena and it can track and can monitor a great number of aspects of your website for free. It also allows you to determine the weaknesses and strengths of your website, and to set strategic goals to track and maximize your progress and success.

Here are the main areas that you must pay attention to when using Google Analytics:

– Bounce Rate – how quickly people are leaving your site
– Average Time on Site – is your content interesting enough to warrant people sticking around?
– New Visits – great indicator of brand growth
– Traffic Sources – reveals what routes are delivering the most success, enabling you to refine your online strategy
– Referring Sites – list of domains that have sent visitors to your site
– Keywords – mainly for SEO purposes, keywords should match the ones you have been using in your online activity
– Top Page and Posts – help you determine just what is working for your website in terms of what is the most popular


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