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Getting A Start Menu on Windows 8

As an IT Professional I get excited at the news of a new windows OS and much was the case when Windows 8 first came out several years ago. When it finally arrived and I installed it on my PC I was unpleasantly surprised when I found out that there was no start menu but more of a start screen. Since Microsoft had made this move a lot of people have complained about their dislike of this crucial and important feature that we have been accustomed to since Windows 95.

I still cant understand why the hell Microsoft would get rid of this in the first place, needless to say it has caused quite an uproar.

Why oh why did they take away the start menu completely instead of giving us the option?

When windows 8.1 they introduced the start button onto the task bar and much to my excitement I thought to myself  “yay finally they have put the start menu back in! ” and after upgrading I found that all it did was take me back to the start screen, how annoying!

Well it seems that Microsoft has since acknowledged their boo-boo and are soon to reintroduce the start menu in later updates. Unfortunately this means that a majority of us will have to wait until this happens before we can start using Windows 8 comfortably….or do we?

Wouldn’t it be nice to figure out how to have a start menu on your windows 8 pc?

If your impatient like me and you want to take matters into your own hand, you can get your start menu back right away instead of waiting for Microsoft to finally get around to putting it back in for you.

Thanks to a great little piece of software called Classic Shell you can now have your start menu in a windows 8 machine.


Classic Shell allows you to install a start menu in your windows 8 PC relatively easily. Simply download, install and follow the instructions… and booya! You have your start menu back.


Windows 8 is actually a beautiful OS with graphically rich and high quality interface, its only sin is the lack of a start menu however with this fix you can finally start enjoying Windows 8 the way it should be enjoyed.


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