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Future of Entertainment


The way you go about watching movies and TV shows is about to change with the new streaming giant Netflix shortly opening up its services to Australia. Netflix allows its members to stream their favourite TV shows and movies over their internet connection. With millions of Netflix users in the United States and the huge growth in streaming services we have seen in the past couple of years, it appears that more and more companies are leaning towards offering their services through the streaming platform.

Traditional cable companies like Foxtel will definitely be at least a tad nervous about the announcement and may have to diversify in order to survive in the market place. Entertainment on Demand is becoming more widely available and accessible as technology advances. Using the music entertainment industry as an example, services like Spotify allow you to stream any song you want on your mobile, tablet or computer device for a small monthly subscription. Across all fields of entertainment we are seeing a bigger push towards on demand services. We no longer need to go to Blockbusters to rent out movies, we no longer need to go to music stores or even game shops as we can now purchase games and download them directly from our game consoles. Say goodbye to bookstores as Electronic books are becoming more and more popular and cheaper than their traditional printed counterparts.

I no longer go to my TV for my news, I simply go to YouTube and go to my favourite news channels for my news. Streaming is becoming a big part of the way we consume information, entertainment and media.

The effect of streaming and the efficiency it brings is launching us into a new era of entertainment and it will be interesting to see what will happen in the next 5 years. Will there even be cinemas anymore? When Sony released its movie “The Interview” online rather than at the cinemas, the movie grossed $18 million on its opening weekend making it one of Sony’s most successful movies to date.

As our internet speeds increase and new advancements in networking technology come about, it is exciting to think about what will happen in the future. Netflix will launch in Australia on the 24th of March and I am certainly going to be subscribing, I assume it will only cost less than $20 a month. Compare this to how much it used to cost at Video Ezy or Civic Video to rent out a few movies, and you begin to see the massive potential of streamed entertainment services. Netflix has been around in the US for a while, and now Australians will be able to join in the fun very soon! Stay tuned!

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