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FileHamster review

Review of: File Hamster
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Free (30 day trial) | $29.00 (Basic) | $79.00 (Advanced) | $99.00 (Enterprise)

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On November 5, 2013
Last modified:November 11, 2013


File Hamster is a convenient and useful software that efficiently backs up versions of files and/or folders with minimal fuss.

FileHamster is an application that backs up, archives and versions your documents in real time. If you are working on a huge project for school or for your job and realise that you didn’t mean to delete that necessary paragraph from a few days ago, then you can acquire the older version easily through FileHamster. What a relief! This program can be considered akin to Windows Volume Shadow Copy Service, however, with FileHamster you can choose specific files or folders you want backed up. This option is not readily available in Volume Shadow Copy Service. FileHamster is not a burden on system resources and is compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8 on both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.

Features (Basic Version)


  • Automatically creates new revisions each time you save your document.
  • Runs quietly in the background.
  • Quickly annotate/comment on each revision.
  • Generate reports so you can more easily review past drafts.
  • Hook up your favorite diffing program so you can easily compare each draft.



FileHamster has an extremely easy to use interface which is excellent for any level of computer user. Upon initial start up, your user folders (pictures, music, documents) are by default located in the My Backup tree. You can eliminate these folders from the My Backup tree if you prefer (which we did for our example). If we want to add a particular file to be ‘watched’ by File Hamster, we have to navigate to File – Add File Watch.


A pop up screen appears requesting the location of the file for File Hamster to watch. Select the ‘…’ button.


Navigate to the desired file (example shown below) and select Open.


The path to the file is now shown. Click OK to continue


The particular document is now listed in the My Backups tree.


Let us test out the previous versions of the file. After a few changes, we save it. Presto! File Hamster slides up on the bottom right hand corner of our screen informing us that a copy of the file has been saved.


What about if we want to add a comment to a specific revision? Well, we select Comment from the FileHamster pop up.


We add our comments in the text box. There are other options you can choose here such as protecting this revision or inserting a timestamp before the comment. Click OK to continue.


If we look in our Backup tree, all the revisions of the file are listed and available for access at anytime. Success!



The developer’s, Mogware, have a Support section on their website where you can seek assistance with any issues. You can also contact the, directly via email if you prefer.


FileHamster has a free 30 day trial available that allows you to back up one folder. There are three versions of paid File Hamster – Basic ($29.00), Advanced ($79.00) and Enterprise ($99.00).

Final Thoughts

FileHamster is a reliable and straightforward program that performs exactly what it sets out to do in simple and uncomplicated fashion. Configuring this program is barely a hassle and once it is set up, it is smooth sailing for any user.

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