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Exchange Server 2010: How To Guide




This How To Guide explains how to configure Microsoft Exchange for a number of scenarios.

How to setup and configure Exchange server 2010 behind Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway


1. Preparing the Active Directory and Domain for installing the Exchange server

2. Installing the Exchange Server

Configuring Exchange to meet organization requirements

3. How to create a new mailbox database and transfer existing mailboxes on Exchange

4. Creating a send connector to enable Exchange to send emails outside of your organization

5. Setting up receive connectors to receive emails from outside your organization

6. Configuring Accepted Domains on Exchange to host email for different domains

7.  Configuring mailboxes and mail services on Exchange server

7.1 Enabling POP3 and IMAP service

7.2 How to enable Outlook Anywhere

7.3 How to enable archive folders for mailboxes

8. Requesting and installing a certificate on Exchange server 2010

9. Publishing Exchange with Microsoft ForeFont Threat Management Gateway 2010

9.1 Publishing Outlook Web App

9.2 Publishing Outlook Anywhere (RPC/HTTP(s))

9.3 Publishing Mail Server

9.4 Creating Access Rule for DNS Server

10. Setting up auto discover redirection:

10.1 on ForeFront TMG 2010 for multiple accepted domains

10.2 using SRV record for multiple accepted domains




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