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Emulate the Mac OS X volume icon in Windows

Yes yes we all love our Windows operating systems and we shall not dare change over to a Mac! But… Mac OS x do come with some funky looking icons that windows can not really compare to. For example, the volume icon just looks really clunky and boring whereas mac os x volume is all sleek and shiny. Oo la la! Well, through the download of this nifty app called 3RVX we can make our Windows OS just that lil more stylish! 3RVX is compatible on Windows Vista/7/8/8.1

First of all, download 3RVX and install the program.


Select the language you want. Click OK.


Now it is up and ready to go! Let’s increase the volume… ah yep there it is! We can hear the familiar ‘blop blop’ sound.


To configure the application further, we open up the settings dialog box. In the General tab, we select for it to run on Windows Start up and amend the volume to change by only 4% when we increase or decrease it. Be sure to save any changes you make!


Under the Display tab, there are a variety of skins listed under Available Skins. If you feel like changing your current skin, be sure to click Save to apply the changes!


This is what the Ignition skin looks like. Interesting.


And we can do a blast from the past, Vista!


Well wasn’t that fun?




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