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Easily stop Google Chrome tabs from playing sound with MuteTab

Sometimes you have multiple tabs open but unfortunately one of them starts making noise. Maybe it is an advertisement playing or the website has some stupid audio going on in the background… regardless of the reason you just want to shut it up good and quick. It is, after all, intefering with the music you are currently streaming from spotify! Of all the nerve! Luckily for google chrome users, a little speaker icon shows which tab(s) are playing sound. However, this still requires us navigating to those tabs and muting the sound one step at a time. Mutetab is here though and you can silence all tabs with a simple press of a button. Let’s check this extension out!

Download and install MuteTab through Google Chrome Web Store.


You are requested to confirm the extension. Click Add.


Now let’s test out Mutetab! So we have a few browser windows open and currently reading an article on Huffington post, then some music is playing in the background. We select the music note icon on the top right hand side.


A drop down list appears showing the current tab you are in and other background tabs open in your Google Chrome.

To prevent all background tabs from playing sound (except the tab you are on), select ‘Stop Background Tabs’. If you want to kill sound from all tabs, select ‘Stop All Tabs’ instead.


Voila! Silence will befall you (unless you have music/sound playing from an alternate program).

If you want to allow a tab to play sound once again, select that relevant tab’s audio icon in Mutetab. For our example, we select the video in youtube to start playing.


Note: The sound can be turned on again by navigating to that particular tab and playing the video/sound etc.



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