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EaseUS ToDo Backup 6.0 review

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On October 16, 2013
Last modified:October 16, 2013


EaseUS ToDo Backup's latest update is accompanied with some handy features that continue to enhance the efficiency and usability of the product.

EaseUS ToDo Backup is a backup and disaster recovery application for home and business users. If you are paranoid about suffering a computer meltdown and losing all your files, ToDo Backup can easily backup your important files and folders and swiftly recover them as necessary. The latest version of EaseUS ToDo Backup (6.0) comes with some innovative new features which makes it all the more appealing in the competitive technology market. If you are after a more indepth review of ToDo Backup, please refer to our reviews on versions 4.5 and 5.0.

New Features


  • Interface slightly changed to improve navigation
  • Directly recover individual files from disk/partition backup image
  • Migrate system from physical environment to virtual environment (P2V)
  • Recover EaseUS Todo Backup image to virtual environment




  • Fixed some problems in System backup
  • Fixed driver incompatibility issue with Windows 8 Driver Verifier


Since our last review of EaseUS ToDo Backup (5.0) the interface has slightly changed to give it a more modern sleek appearance. The options available (Backup, Recovery, Clone and Tools) on the Homepage are clearly listed on the left. The software is still very easy to navigate even as the software continues to expand in functionality.


Recovering individual files from Disk/Partition backup image

This new feature is definitely practical for users who do not want to recover everything from a particular image but only a specific set of files and/or folders. We test it out.

To access the Disk/Partition image, we navigate to Recovery and press File Recovery


Select the Disk/Partition image from the list. Since we only have one backup image, we select it and click ‘Next’.


We can then choose how we want to recover files from the following options: recover specific files or folders, recover files by types or search files to recover. We decide to use the ‘recover specific files/folders’ option, specify a folder to recover,  and choose a recovery location on our C:\. Click ‘Next’ to continue.


The next page details the recovery action about to be performed. Since we are fine with the configuration, we click ‘Proceed’.


Recovery process of the specified folder is complete! Certainly saves us the hassle of recovering everything!! What a time saver.


Concluding Remarks

EaseUS ToDo Backup 6.0 comes equipped with some practical and sophisticated new features. We are very impressed with the ability to easily recover individual files from Disk/Partition Backup images. The program continues to be user friendly and is recommended for any level of computer user.

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