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DiskState review

Review of: DiskState
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Geekcorp Software
Trial - Free for 14 days. Full version - US$29.95

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On October 2, 2013
Last modified:October 2, 2013


DiskState is an easy to use and fully functional management application for your folders and files. Recommended!

Do you feel like you are constantly running out of space on your computer? You may have a 3 TB hard drive but still… you keep exceeding your storage quota. This often leads you to transferring files you may need for future use onto an external drive or, even worse, combing through folder after folder finding irrelevant items you no longer need and deleting them. What a time consuming endeavour! Geekcorp Software have developed an application called DiskState that can be utilised to relieve much of this burden. DiskState analyses a user’s computer files and checks if there any unnecessary files (i.e. duplicates, temporary internet files) that can be deleted in order to free up space. DiskState is compatible with Windows (XP SP2/Vista/7/8) and Windows Server (2003, 2008, 2012, 2012R2) on both 32-bit and 64-bit.

Main Features (V 3.82)

DiskState has a huge range of features including:

* Finds duplicate files (i.e. Mp3, images, movies) across all selected volumes by file size and deletes them (with user’s permission).

* Locates and removes Temporary Internet Files (with user’s permission)

* Ability to restore deletions through Zip Safety Feature

* Analyzes folder structure and determines what it is comprised of for user evaluation

* Generates graphical results (i.e. pie charts) for quick review

* Multiple Language support


On first opening DiskState, it displays the various drives you have connected (hard drives, CD/DVD, USBs etc). We decide to scan our C drive.


The DiskState starts scanning all files and folders on that volume. It only took us a few minutes to scan our entire drive (~300 GB). It would probably take longer for drives of higher capacity.


The results of the disk analysis are shown in multi coloured and easy to view statistics. The status bar indicates that it is ‘feeling groovy…’ which is a positive factor!


Remove Duplicate Files

We decide to test out one of the main prerogatives of DiskState, which is, to locate and erase duplicate files!

Select ‘Duplicates’ from the DiskState Analysis.


The Duplicates Wizard opens. You can configure what multimedia files you would like to locate, which volumes to search in and how thorough the search should be. We decide to retain the default settings (as shown below) and click ‘Find Now’.


The wizard confirms that duplicate multimedia files have been found. DiskState can mark the duplicates automatically with an ‘X’ (except for one) to make it easier for you to review these duplicate files. Since we would like all the help we can get, we choose ‘Yes, select for me’ to continue.


The duplicate files display where the duplicates are marked with an ‘x’. We are happy with this selection by DiskState and press ‘Delete’ to remove these uneccessary files.


Voila! We now have 32mb more of available space.


There is a User Manual available for DiskStart if you are having any trouble trying to configure the program. For DiskStart troubleshooting, there is a step by step guide available on the developer’s website which shows how to log the error message and email (ds-support@geekcorp.com) it to them directly for further assistance.


Diskstate is available to trial for 14 days for free. If you are happy with using Diskstate then the full version is US$29.95.

Final Thoughts

A friendly and customizable program that effectively manages your folders and files. We were very impressed by the simplicity of the user interface which is excellent if you are not a whiz on computers. Furthermore, tasks such as deleting duplicate files, were accomplished with ease. DiskState is available to trial and/or purchase from Geekcorp Software.

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