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Defrag your hard drive securely with Defraggler

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On February 23, 2018
Last modified:February 23, 2018


Piriform's Defraggler is a free, highly efficient, innovative and capable defragging tool that will help with speeding up your computer system. Simple to configure and user friendly, this software is recommended for any computer user.

If your computer has been running really slowly as of late and you feel like running an application is taking as much time as brewing a cup of tea than a suitable method of resolving this is to defrag your hard drive! We review today the free software, Defraggler, by Piriform, that enables users to have complete customization and added security when defragging their local and removable hard drives. The software is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8.1/10 in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.


Defraggler comes with a wealth of key features including:

  • Defrag specific sections on a hard drive or whole hard drive
  • Safe and secure defragging
  • Compact and portable
  • Interactive drive map
  • Quick defrag option
  • Defragment of free space
  • Scheduled defragmentation
  • Supports HDD and SSD
  • Supports NTFS and Fat32 file systems
  • Multi-lingual support (43 languages are supported including English, Portugese, Chinese, Spanish and German)

Test Run

Now it is time to check out the Defraggler! The name just rolls off the tongue.

We download the Defraggler and install it onto our computer within minutes.

Setup wizard for Defraggler

We start up Defraggler which looks like a very clear cut interface showing our hard drives and removable drives.

Piriform Defraggler main interface

In the Settings – Options section, you can configure the tool in various ways such as what type of defrag operation we want carried out and if we want to exclude any files and folders from the defrag process.

An example of the Options section in the Piriform Defraggler tool. This contains an example of a folder a user wants to exclude from the defrag process.

We can even schedule when we want the defrag of a drive to take place (i.e. once, daily, monthly) and configure the system to shutdown after the defrag task is complete. Score!

Schedule defragmentation of a hard drive on the Defraggler

Now let’s test out the software and perform a defrag of a hard drive of ours! We select the drive from the list and navigate to the Action menu and select Defrag Drive from the drop down list.

Navigate to the Action menu and click Defrag Drive in Defraggler

Let’s test it out and defrag the Removable Disk H:. We are shown the analysis results as the defragging of the drive takes place.

Defrag of drive in Defraggler by Piriform

If we are unsure what all the fancy squares are showing we just refer to the ‘Drive map’ tab.

Drive map tab in Piriform Defraggler while defrag process is in progress

For whatever reason, we can also pause or stop the defrag process if required! Handy!

Pause or Stop defrag process in Piriform Defraggler

The removable drive has been defragged in a couple of hours! We can review the results and see how many fragmented files there were, total fragments and overall fragmentation.

Defrag of a drive completed successfully by Piriform Defraggler


Piriform has a dedicated Support section for each of their products which contains advice on lost license keys, FAQs, my account portal (where you can submit a request), community forum and further documentation on each product. We are a big fan of the Community Forums because we can simply post up our issue and have a pool of users help us out or even we can assist others with their questions. If users cannot find what they are looking for in their support section, they can contact the Customer Service team directly at Piriform via email for assistance.

Piriform's Community Support Forums

Final Thoughts

We found the Defraggler an exceptional, versatile and highly reliable defragging tool that is an asset for any computer user. We did not run into any issue while defragging a variety of drives including Local Disk and Removable Disks! A feature that really stood out to us was the ability to defrag a folder or file, and not requiring defrag of the entire drive itself. Furthermore, we particularly liked that we could pause the defrag or stop altogether. The Defraggler is available for free but you can opt for the Professional version (at AUD$24.95) if you want to receive automated updates, dedicated Piriform customer support and optimized for hard disks.

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