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Data Recovery

Data recovery continues to be a highly sought-after service despite the increase in overall quality of hard drives. Thankfully we have well-developed technical expertise when it comes to data recovery, with access to a clean-room when required. The importance of data to businesses as well as to individuals cannot be underestimated, however we do not believe that this should mean extortionate prices when it comes to retrieving this data. We have a much flatter pricing structures as compared to other data recovery services in Sydney, but we do provide a comprehensive services that should cover just about all situations. The types of devices we recover data from include laptop hard drives, desktop hard drives, USB memory sticks, mobile phones, and server RAID arrays. We even offer a free pickup and return service - no fix no pay! Within 24 hours we'll be able to tell you exactly what's wrong with your drive and what steps we will need to take to recover your data. In many cases, we are even able to recover your data within this initial 24 hours period.
Some situations that may be relevant are:
  • Hardware failure
  • Mistakenly deleting your files
  • Virus damage
  • Dropped laptop
  • Dropped external drive
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Indicative prices can be found below:
  • Deleted Files (max $240)
  • Damaged file system (max $340)
  • Accidental formatting (max $340)
  • Damaged PCB – i.e. device does not power on
  • Damaged Heads – i.e. drive makes a clicking sound
  • Seized spindle motor – i.e. drive makes a buzzing sound
  • Bad Sectors – i.e. drive is giving you read errors
  • Firmware Corruption

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