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How to create and link a GPO to a domain

This guide explores the two ways of creating and linking a GPO to a domain.

Prerequisite: Only members in the Domain Admins, Enterprise Admins, or Group Policy Creator Owners groups have the ability to create new Group Policy Objects (GPOs) and edit existing ones.

Create and link a GPO to a domain

Click Start – Administrative Tools – Group Policy Management

The Group Policy Management program opens. Navigate to the domain you want to create a GPO (for our example, our domain is CloudBT.com) and expand the Group Policy Objects folder.


Click Action – New. The New GPO dialog box appears. In the text box under Name enter in your preferred name for the GPO. For example, if you are creating a GPO for Sales you could type it as ‘Sales GPO’. Once completed, click OK to continue.


The new GPO is now listed in the Group Policy Objects node.


To configure the GPO, select the new GPO (in our case, Sales GPO) in the Group Policy Objects folder. Click on Action – Edit…


The Group Policy Management Editor opens where you can manage the Group Policy settings for your newly created GPO. Exit the Group Policy Management Editor when you have finished configuring the computer and user policies to return to Group Policy Management.


You need to link the new GPO to your preferred domain. Select your domain and navigate to Action – Link an Exiting GPO.



In the Select GPO dialog box, the specified domain and Group Policy objects are listed. Select Sales GPO and click OK to continue.


The GPO is now linked to your preferred domain (as shown in our example below).



Create a GPO directly in a domain

You can also create a GPO directly in the required domain, site or OU container if you prefer.

Open Group Policy Management and select the domain you want to create the GPO, (for example, CloudBT.com). Click Action – Create a GPO in this domain, and Link it here.



The New GPO dialog box opens. Under Name enter in the name of your new GPO (i.e. Suppliers_GPO) and click OK to continue.


The New GPO is created and linked under your preferred domain (as shown below).



To learn how to configure a GPO in Group Policy Management, navigate to How to Configure a GPO in Group Policy Management.


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