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Creating a System Image in Windows 7

A System Image is an exact copy of everything that is on your hard drive (at that point in time) which can be used to recover it back to an operational state if your hard drive crashes or freezes up.


Navigate to Start – Control Panel – System and Security – Backup and Restore. Select on Create a System Image Disc.


The Create a System Image Disc dialog box opens where you can choose where you want to save your System Image Disc. You can save it on your hard drive, on a DVD or a network location. For our example, we choose to save the System Image on a DVD. Click Next to continue.


Note: If applicable, you can include other drives in your System Image backup but keep in mind that this will increase the size of the image.

The confirmation screen lists your settings for the System Image Disc. If you want to make some changes, click the back arrow button on the top left. If you are fine with the settings, click Start Backup.


The System Image Disc would then be created, the time it takes is dependent on the size of the backup. Once completed, you are asked if you want to Create a System Repair disc. A System Repair disc is essential as it is used to re-image your computer from a system image. Click Yes to continue.


Select a CD/DVD to create the System Repair disc on and click Create disc.


If you have to restore your System Image in the event of a hard drive failure, you would be able to use the System Recovery Options – System Image Recovery.








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