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Configuring mailboxes and mail services on Exchange server

This is the 7th chapter from the guide How to setup and configure Exchange server 2010 behind Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway. This is a continuation from the 6th chapter which shows how to Configuring accepted domains on Exchange in order to host email for different domains.

Enable POP3 and IMAP

To enable POP3 and IMAP service open the Services console, and start Microsoft Exchange POP3 and Microsoft Exchange IMAP4 services. Set their start up type to Automatic.



Enabling Outlook Anywhere (OA)

To enable Outlook Anywhere on the Exchange Management Console, select Client Access on the Server Configuration Node, and click Enable Outlook Anywhere.



Type your External hostname and select Basic Authentication on the Enable Outlook Anywhere page. Click Enable.



Click Finish and pay attention to any warning message that you received on the screen. It takes about 10 minutes to enable OA on the server.  You can check your server events viewer to see if it has been enabled or not.

How to enable archive folders for mailboxes

To enable archive select the mailbox that you are going to turn on archive for and click enable archive on the right pane. You can select the save database for the archived mails and also you can make new database to save archived mails.



Select Create a local archive and choose the database that you are going to use for saving archived mails and press OK.

The next chapter (8th chapter) explains how to Request and install certificates on Exchange server 2010.

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