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Configuring Accepted Domains on Exchange to host email for different domains

This is the 6th chapter from the guide How to setup and configure Exchange server 2010 behind Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway. This is a continuation from the 5th chapter which shows how to Configure receive connectors on Exchange.

Many companies use .local top level domain for their internal domain name. To accept emails from none local top domains name like .com or .net (and so forth), you can add the domain name in the accepted domains list.

To perform this operation, navigate to Organization Configuration – Hub Transport. On the right pane,  click New Accepted Domain. Enter a name in the name textbox and the domain that you are going to host. Select the Authoritative domain radio button (example shown in Figure 1). Click New to complete the task.



Now let’s create a user mailbox. We have just created a username in the Active Directory and we are going to make a mailbox for this user.

Open Recipient Configuration and select Mailbox. Then on the right pane click New Mailbox and select User mailbox. Click Next to continue.



Select Existing users, click add and select the user that you have created before. Click OK to continue.

Click Next and on Mailbox settings page click Specify mailbox database checkbox. Click Browse to select the target mailbox database.

Click Next, New and then Finish.



We have created new mailbox for the existing user, but how can we assign this user an email address with one of our accepted domains UPN?

In the Active Directory create OUs for different domains that you are going to host and create users in these OUs (as shown in Figure 4).



Now in EMC click on Hub Transport under Organization Configuration. Select E-mail address policies and on the right pane click New E-email Address Policy.

On the Introduction page, type a name for the new policy and click Browse. Select the OU that contains the users that you are going to apply policy to and click Next.



In Conditions page you can apply conditions to filter users if you like. Click Next and in E-mail Addresses page select “Select accepted domain for the e-mail address”. Click Browse to select the accepted domain that you are going to use.

Press OK twice and click Next.



On the Schedule page select Immediately. Click New.

Now if you click Mailbox on Recipient Configuration and refresh the list you can see new user’s email addresses with the email policy applied.




You can add new User Principal Names (UPNs) in Active Directory Domain and Trust and change Users UPN accordingly.

Navigate to Active Directory Domain and Trust, right click on Active Directory Domain and Trust, and click Properties. In the Properties dialog box, add the domain name you prefer and press OK to save changes.



You can also change a user’s UPN in Active Directory Users and Computers on the Account tab of user properties.




The next chapter (7th chapter) will show various ways to Configure mailboxes and mail services on Exchange server.


– By Soheil Esmaeili

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