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Configure root hints on a DNS Server

Navigate to Start – Administrative Tools – DNS. Right click the relevant DNS server and select Properties from the drop down list.


The server properties open. Navigate to the Root Hints tab.


In the root hints tab, if you want to add a root hint for your domain (in our case, NowFixIT.local) to the server click the Add button.


The New Name Server Record dialog box appears where you can enter in the sever fully qualified domain name (FQDN) and IP address of the root server to which unresolved queries must be passed if no forwarders are available. If you prefer, you can type in the FQDN only and select Resolve to acquire the IP address automatically. Click OK to continue.


The root hint now appears in the Name servers list box on the Root Hints tabbed page.


If you want to edit a particular root hint, select the Edit button on the Root Hints tabbed page.


The Edit Name Server Record dialog box opens and you can then edit the specific root hint.


If you want to remove a particular root hint, click the Remove button on the Root Hints tabbed page.


You can also copy root hints from another server by selecting Copy from Server button. Enter in the IP address or DNS name in the Server to Copy From dialog box and click OK. 




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