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Configure NTFS File settings in Folder

On a file server, you are able to configure two types of permissions of a folder:

1. Share permissions

2. NTFS permissions

Share permissions only applies to users who access the folder on the network. Share permissions are also used to manage folders on systems who are FAT32 or non-NTFS. On the other hand, NTFS permissions applies to both local and network users.

These two types of permissions are independent of one another and do not influence each other in any way. For example, for a specific folder you can grant it full control through Share permissions but restrict access using NTFS permissions.

This how to guide shows how to configure NTFS file settings in a folder.


To configure permissions and share a folder, right click the folder and select Properties.


The folder’s properties dialog box appears. Navigate to the Security tab.


For our example, we want to grant full control to the folder for the user Nick Lee. To amend permission settings, click the Edit button.


Ensuring that Nick Lee is highlighted, tick the check box Allow – Full Control and click OK to save changes.


You are returned to the Security tab where you can view that Nick Lee has now full control permissions to the folder.


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