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Clearer sinuses is one breath away with Avya, The Battery-Powered Steam Inhaler

Are you one of those poor people that suffer from hayfever, sinus, asthma and other breathing related problems? Or perhaps you simply like the option to have clearer nasal passages when you feel the urge? Regularly on the move in your daily life? Been in a situation where you feel that horrendous pressure cropping up behind your eyes and realising your tried and true sinus clearing kit is tucked away at home? Instead of the typical industrial sized sinus products which aren’t exactly travel friendly, Aura Medical have put together Avya – a battery-powered steam inhaler which you can conveniently and easily carry around with you wherever you go. The journey to clearer inhalation is in just 3 simple steps. Already achieving well over its goal (947% funded at time of posting) on Kickstarter, we check out the global fascination behind this revolutionary product.

Avya, the Battery-Powered Steam Inhaler details

Is Avya complicated to operate?

Just like we said above, the process is performed in 3 easy steps that even a child can do it (with adult supervision of course). You merely need to add one vial of Saline to the Avya, turn on the device and inhale in one deep breath from the mouth piece. Within 10 minutes you will feel the congestion fading away into oblivion and your sinusitis depleting thanks to the tiny particles of steam and saline. Pure bliss!

If you are after a slightly hotter/cooler steam than you can adjust the settings via the temperature guage. In addition, Avya comes with a Lithium Ion rechargeable battery with enough charge to last 8 treatments. The battery recharge time only takes 3 hours which is ideal for charging overnight or on the move with a portable power supply.

Avya, Battery-Powered Steam Inhaler Device with further details of what's inside

How is it different to other nasal clearing devices?

Apart from being travel friendly, Avya uses a clean NanoParticle saline steam and pressure that craftily infiltrates all sinus cavities and throoughly clears them out to give you sweet relief within 10 minutes.

Example of Avya useing nanoparticle saline steam and pressure to clear up sinus congestion

Furthermore, Avya can be relied upon to produce steam that is free from dreadful germs as it is the only system that works entirely with saline. The USP Advantage-Avya water is USP Grade Sterline Saline and packed in a sealed bottle which makes it secure from exposure and easier to carry along with the device.

Do I have to use the Avya supplied saline products?

Certainly not! Aura Medical nicely provide straight-forward instructions on how to make your own Saline solution at home instead of needing to purchase their products.

For pure essential oils, it is strongly advised to not use them with the Avya as they more than likely will damage the device… cue *sad face*. Aura Medial suggests that if you really cannot live without some oils than it is possible to add two drops of water soluble oil to 10ml of saline… although it is best to double check this with the company first as their advice may have changed since this article was posted. We don’t want to be responsible for you accidentally destroying your wonderful Avya before you have gotten good use out of it!

Can I use the Avya daily?

You sure can! It is safe enough to use every single day (multiple times) as you wish.

Avya, Battery-Powered Steam Inhaler is recommended for all age groups

Is there an age restriction for Avya?

Avya is recommended for anyone from all walks of life from children to the elderly.

Is Avya mainly for people who suffer from sinus issues and colds?

You may be under the misapprehension that Avya is only beneficial to sinusitis/hayfever/sinus congestion sufferers… think again! Avya is helpful for anyone particularly public speakers, singers and athletes who want to humidify their vocal chords, prevent sinus inflammation and simply breath easier.

Avya is recommended for everyone including singers and public speakers

We believe that Avya is a fresh and innovative product that will be a saviour for people who are regularly plagued with sinusitis or allergies, especially during the Cold & Flu season. We are particularly impressed with the nano-particle steam technology and that it is incredibly easy to operate which is ideal if you are feeling under the weather and spaced out. There are a few employees at our company who suffer from dreadful sinusitis and are eager to give Avya a go! You can still pledge your support for Avya on their Kickstarter campaign page. If you happen to miss out you can be rest assured, since it has been fully funded, you’ll be able to find it in the shops soon.

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