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Check if your Email IP address is being leaked

Worried your email provider may be leaking your IP address to recipients? Check if this is the case by using the Email Leak Test developed by London Trust Media. We test it out for ourselves.

At the Email Leak Test home page, you are presented with your IP address details (blurred out in the image). Press Start to commence the review process.


You will be provided an email address you can send a test email to from your own email provider (i.e. Gmail, Yahoo).


For example, we send a test message from our Gmail account.


In a few seconds, you are then advised if your Email provider is leaking or not. For us we can see it is smooth sailing!! Relief!!


What happens if your IP address is in fact being divulged? We recommend that you change email providers (if one can be bothered) or a better idea would be to utilise an email encryption tool (such as Voltage, Datamotion and Enigmail).

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