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Change the default save folder for Windows 7 libraries to another folder

Do you notice that when you save a new document in a program such as Open Office (for example) it always opens up the ‘My documents’ folder in Libraries? If you want to change the ‘save as’ location it is possible! Simply perform the following steps.


In the new document, navigate to File and select save as.

When the save as dialog box appears, select ‘includes: [n] locations’ to open the quick properties window. In our case, n = 2 as we have two folder library locations.


The documents library locations dialog box appears where you can add or remove library locations. For example, if you want to add a library location such as C:\CloudBT click Add. 


Navigate to the location of the relevant folder and press Include Folder.


The folder is now included in our list of Documents Library locations.


To make CloudBT folder the default save location, right click it and select set as default save location.


When you are done with managing the documents library locations, click OK.


Now when you click the ‘save as’ dialog box from now on, it should open up in your specified default library location.


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