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How to Disable Startup Programs in Windows

If you find it takes a seriously long time for Windows to load up then it may be associated with how many […]

How to force Windows to Always Show File Extensions

No versions of Windows that has been released so far to date show complete file extensions by default. This can […]

How To Disable A Windows 10 User Account

If you need to prevent a person accessing a computer with their Windows 10 user account for security reasons then […]

How to find your public and private IP address

If you are looking for the public IP address and private IP address for a computing device in Windows, Mac, […]

How to get rid of the OneDrive sign in pop up every time you log into Windows

Along with the various inbuilt applications that come with Windows 10, there is also OneDrive. Now OneDrive isn’t so bad […]

How to setup private browsing on any web browser

If you ever have the need to use the private or incognito mode on your web browser then this guide is […]

How To Find Your Wi-Fi Network Password on Windows

You may have connected to a Wi-Fi network on your Windows computer/laptop many moons ago, but you have forgotten what the […]

How to attach an application to the Windows taskbar

Whenever you log into Windows, you may notice that some of your applications appear ‘stuck’ in the Windows Taskbar like […]

How to simply reinstall Windows 10 without the bloatware

For users who feel like their computer is becoming bogged down with all the bloatware and want to have a […]

How to mute web browser tabs in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge and Internet Explorer

You are chugging along with multiple browser windows open and then you hear a pesky noise… is it a bird? […]

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