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Google Chrome

How to setup private browsing on any web browser

If you ever have the need to use the private or incognito mode on your web browser then this guide is […]

How to get the View Image feature back in Google Image search

In the last few days, Google has performed a very annoying configuration change to how users view images in their […]

How to mute web browser tabs in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge and Internet Explorer

You are chugging along with multiple browser windows open and then you hear a pesky noise… is it a bird? […]


How to erase your web history in Google Chrome

Want to hide the websites you have visited from prying eyes? Then follow these quick steps to remove web history […]


Block TV show spoilers ruining your day with Unspoiler

Sick of the internet ruining plots to your favourite TV shows? Want to be able to hide it from you […]

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