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AdBlock Plus Wins Again in Court

Photo Credit: JRepin via Compfight cc Pop-up ads in today’s internet age are as ubiquitous as sweaty armpits on a […]


How to erase Google Chrome Browser Sync Data

In Google Chrome, navigate to Google Dashboard. Scroll down to the Chrome Sync section and select ‘Manage Chrome Sync’. In […]


How to remove browsing history from Opera

In your Opear browser, navigate to the Opera menu and select History from the drop down list. Select Clear Browsing […]


How to delete browser history from Mozilla Firefox

Navigate to Firefox main menu, select History and then Clear Recent History. Specify the time range you want to clear. […]


How to clear browsing history in Internet Explorer

Navigate to the cog wheel icon and select Internet Options from the drop down menu. The Internet Options dialog box opens in […]


How to erase your web history in Google Chrome

Want to hide the websites you have visited from prying eyes? Then follow these quick steps to remove web history […]


Block TV show spoilers ruining your day with Unspoiler

Sick of the internet ruining plots to your favourite TV shows? Want to be able to hide it from you […]


Easily stop Google Chrome tabs from playing sound with MuteTab

Sometimes you have multiple tabs open but unfortunately one of them starts making noise. Maybe it is an advertisement playing […]

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