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Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Healthcare

Big data. Quite possibly the buzzwords of this decade. For the first time in history, our increasingly interconnected world has […]

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

 Photo Credit: DobaKung via Compfight cc Microsoft is set to release its 4th generation of surface series tablets on the 26th of October. It […]

Apple iOS9

   Photo Credit: Warren R.M. Stuart via Compfight cc In June this year apple announced its new mobile operating system iOS 9, which has […]

Microsoft Office 2016

  Microsoft Office 2016 Microsoft is set to release the latest version of its Windows Office software on the 22nd […]

Microsoft Edge, New to Windows 10

    The release of windows 10 has brought about a new interesting battle in the world of internet browsers. […]

Future of Entertainment

  The way you go about watching movies and TV shows is about to change with the new streaming giant […]

How to Avoid Getting the Crypto Locker Virus

How to Avoid Getting the Crypto Locker Virus It was a quiet Friday morning, when I got into the Cloud […]

Semantic Web: What is Web 3.0 and how will it work?

We currently live in the era of Web 2.0, whereby we are able to edit and change Web pages, post […]

Meet Atlas The Humanoid Robot

Recently, scientists have created an agile, humanoid robot that is not only able to walk like humans, but respond to […]


Google Play brings Game of Thrones exhibition to Sydney

If you are a Game of Thrones fan then get ready…. HBO has just announced the Game of Thrones exhibition […]

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